The Pleasures of Estate Pipes

It's often been said that a pipe smoker cannot have too many estate pipes on hand. What is an estate pipe you might ask. Well for pipe smokers, this type of pipe is one that has been cherished and used by a previous tobacco pipe smoker.

Who knows - that pipe smoker may have bought the pipe new, or someone else may have enjoyed the pleasures of this pipe in the past.

You can always buy a new pipe for your collection, but you'll probably find that buying an estate pipe is usually more affordable, and in some cases considerably less expensive than buying a brand-new pipe.

Possibly that Peterson smoking pipe that you've had your eyes on is too expensive. Consider picking up an Irish estate pipe from the selection of Peterson estate pipes you'll find here.

Or maybe you fancy an English estate pipe. GBD estate pipes are a popular choice for the tobacco smoking enthusiast.

And of course we can't forget Savinelli estate pipes with their balsa wood filtering system, which absorbs up nicotine and tar from the smoke. This unique system is put a smile on many a pipe smokers face.

Finally, we wonder what pipe smoking would be without Dunhill estate pipes.    Pretty dull we'd have to guess.

So whatever brand of pipes you choose to smoke your tobacco with, consider adding an estate pipe to the mix. You'll be happy you did.

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